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First Time Buyers Littleton

If you plan to join the firsttime buyers in Littleton, you have multiple options, making this area a great place to live. Generally, you should expect to pay at least three percent of the property’s value as a down payment, as this is usually the minimum requirement for a mortgage. However, the amount can vary, so you should look into LittletonCO.gov to discover more down payment assistance.

To give you a feel for the market, Realtor.com has houses that start at $67.5K as of December 2023, with some going as high as $5.99M. You can find options that include lots, providing you with some land to use as you see fit giving you more flexibility. These lower house prices make the area an excellent choice for first-time buyers since they don’t need to get a mortgage out of their price range.

Going through the market alone can be challenging, so you should talk with a REALTOR® like me to see what we can find. I want you to purchase a house in your price range while getting one that meets your needs, so we’ll talk about what you want and focus on you during the sale. Reach out now to have a free meeting where we can discuss what approaches we can take to get you a dream home.

More homes in Littleton: https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-search/Littleton_CO

  • Any first-time buyers in Littleton should talk with a REALTOR® for assistance.